Tui T. Sutherland – The Lost Continent Audiobook

Tui T. Sutherland – The Lost Continent Audiobook

Tui T. Sutherland - The Lost Continent Audio Book Free
The Lost Continent Audiobook Online

This is the l lth publication in the Wings of Fire collection and also starts a new storyline on a brand-new continent we have actually never ever visited before. Although a few of the story aspects are extremely similar to previous books, I did actually take pleasure in satisfying brand-new characters and exploring both whole brand-new sorts of dragons as well as a whole brand-new landscape. I remain to read these mostly since my son reads this series and suches as to review it with me; nevertheless I in fact truly enjoyed this publication!

This publication starts with an innovator featuring Clearwater and her journey across the seas to a new continent of Dragons. The new continent is called Pantala. There are brand-new kinds of dragons on Pantal including HiveWings, LeafWings, and SilkWings. After this prequel we trip several centuries right into the future where a SilkWing named Blue is preparing for his Metamorphosis along with his sibling Luna.

This book presents a whole number of brand-new dragon types and also some terrific brand-new fun personalities. I liked Blue with his quiet tentativeness as well as Cricket with her non-traditional HiveWing views.

All the characters in here are a great deal of fun. The new world is fascinating also. There was a great deal of adventure, some awesome fight scenes, and also lots of new as well as fascinating dragon-abilities and also national politics.

In general this was an enjoyable and also fast read that I delighted in a whole lot. I really appreciated the brand-new and imaginative setting and the brand-new sorts of dragons. My child additionally truly liked this book. Sutherland remains to write a fascinating adventure fantasy series that has a good time characters as well as is very entertaining to review. Advised to those who delight in middle grade fantasy adventure featuring dragons. Going over most definitely made me appreciate the world of The Lost Continent a lot more than the very first time. The partnership in between the SilkWings as well as HiveWings is so utterly heartbreaking. Queen Wasp’s usage of a pacifistic culture is sickening and a little also reasonable, somehow. The Lost Continent Audiobook Free. SilkWings are increased with great food as well as houses and education, but they are pushed into reproducing programs (nothing as inhumane as stockrooms or sex slaves, however they are informed whom they can be mated with and so forth), trained for details work as well as just those jobs, seen as second course people, and dissension as well as “wrongdoing” is dealt with seriously. Young SilkWings are taken every school year to the jail as well as compelled to see what will certainly happen if they misbehave. SilkWings who develop into flamesilks are thrown right into dark pits and also required to rotate their silk as a product for the HiveWings, controlled entirely by Queen Wasp. The dank caves with timed feeding is taken into consideration more effective by its citizens due to the fact that, as Admiral tells Blue near the end of the book, “there utilized to be chains.”

This easy adjustment of power by Wasp and also the devotion of the HiveWings– that unwittingly are pawns to Wasp also– makes her among the most fascinating villains to date. Everything concerning this book makes me think about if Sore had ended up being queen of the SandWings in the initial collection cycle. This is the collection of “what happens after the bad queen wins the throne.” I can not wait to see exactly how this plays out over the following 4 publications. I find the personalities to be remarkable, complex– though still needing advancement– as well as I want to find out more regarding Wasp, the war, as well as the location of the continent. The Lost Continent by Tui Sutherland was merely a remarkable read. The brand-new people and also continent, Pantala, were all initial and also the characters were fleshed out. I found Danaid and also Luna as my two preferred characters. There was a younger Foeslayer/ Fatespeaker- like character who, although entertaining, wasn’t extremely initial. I additionally presumed from the recap that they would certainly ALL be going to Pyhrria, when, as a matter of fact, only ONE dragon, that was not the main personality, saw Pyhrria and THAT went to the end of guide. I likewise presumed that we would certainly see the primary character after his metamorphosis, yet we didn’t. Furthermore I would’ve liked to read more concerning what took place to Clearsight and also the beginning tale of the HiveWings, however, oh well. I do think that, altogether, my preferred component was the epilogue. I’m probably prejudiced since I reviewed her book initially out of all the Wings of Fire books, however Moon has constantly been my preferred character, so I’m positively thrilled that she’ll be playing a part in this collection. I was up at 12 for this book as well as it deserved it! You recognize that sensation where you know stuff the characters don’t becuase you read the various other books? Well I had that feeling DURING. I despise however enjoy it. Like you wish they just knew as well as you resemble “Simply take a seat and also describe everything already!!!” yet hten you like need to find out more. I got the first publication in the collection 5 days after it came out and also afterwards I review every bool as quickly as it came out. I completely believed they would certainly be called like Hiveclaws or tails, yet I mean Clearsight would have called them so … Ok so i totally obtain where Blue is coming from, takong others point of view as well as having a ton of compassion. I used to be like that as a kid, crying over those times in a motion picture where some persons effort goes to waste. Tui T. Sutherland – The Lost Continent Audio Book Online. I likewise enjoy the flamesilk idea, like much less powerfu animous dragons. Anyhow this was an outstanding publication likee all the remainder, other than the seawing ones, I didnt like those … no they were great simply not aaas good as the others. Aanywaaay I love these books sooooooo much.